A Birthday Gift

My friend Cindy asked me to take a series of pictures of her as a birthday gift for her boyfriend. The pictures were taken at her house. The idea was to represent her everyday life without him in Canada. Her boyfriend lives in China. For their  long-distance relationship, this would be the best gift. I decided to take pictures of her sleeping, brushing her teeth, going to school, doing homework, cooking, and playing with her cat. The writing on these pictures are her birthday wishes for her boyfriend.

A long distance relationship across the ocean is very difficult. If this series of pictures could help them stay together, I would feel really rewarded. We posted the pictures online on a Chinese website and every picture got over a thousand hits in a week. Many people commented on the pictures to encourage them to stay strong in a long distance relationship. While reading the comments, I felt really touched by the power of photographs and their ability to convey the message of love.original_rk6B_4bd600005a73118e original_PVsd_1f3100005b89125b original_fbXq_7b9800005a16118f original_IRzu_5fba00005a1a1191 original_kTBQ_7bf500005aca118f original_xrn5_588600006d17118c original_xuXP_57f600005a34118c original_W3Da_5eb500005a521191 original_U7dM_5f9c00005a0d1191 original_dAfU_4c8000005aeb118e original_0oAy_578800005a60118c original_ZXG2_4b7b00005a56118e original_uUCa_6d3d00005a64125e original_WQ8u_1f5e00005afe125b original_8GhA_7bf500005c78118f


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